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It is Well with My Soul

Our town was hit by an F4 tornado a little less than a week ago. It wasn't near our house so we had no damage but less than 5 miles away the damage is devastating. Our church steeple was blown away and the back of the property as well as out buildings are demolished.

The local high school and a good bit of our historical homes are now barely standing. The most miraculous story I've heard is that of our beloved 82 year old Pastor Emeritus and his wife. They lived in a beautiful 3 story home near the high school. When they heard the tornado was near by they hid in a small bathroom near their bedroom. The storm took down most of their house but left that bathroom and their bedroom alone for a while. Long enough for them to come out in the darkness and I'm told went back to bed since they had no electricity and didn't know what happened yet. The next morning the extent of the destruction was discovered.

They were able to gather their clothing and personal items from their bedroom and leave before that part of the roof collapsed. They are physically unharmed.

I 'borrowed' this post by my friend, their daughter in law, to illustrate what having a strong faith in God means.

"If you know my Mother in Law, (name removed), you know what a Godly woman she is. The first thing she said to me when I talked to her after the storm and her house was destroyed was that It is Well with my Soul. My daughter, Maria had given her this picture years ago and she said I want to find that picture and asked me to try to find it. In the tornado damaged home. She had it hanging right inside her foyer area inside her front door. When I went over to the house yesterday, it was still HANGING on that small wall where she had it. God was definitely watching over this precious lady and my Father in Law and I do know “it is well”.

Her husband has told me every day that he trusts God to know what's best.

Can you say that? It Is Well With My Soul? Or that you trust God to know what's best? I it took a long while for me to get to this point. It's not easy to submit your will, your plans and your dreams to God. But when you look back at what He has brought you through in the past you gain confidence in what He can do in the future. That makes us more able to look at the storms of today and say

It Is Well With My Soul

Live loved ya'll


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