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Helpful Organizations

One of these is ARMS, Abuse Recovery Ministry. This group is based out of Oregon but is spreading. This group teaches women that they do not have to be victims of abuse , that it is not God's plan. They offer groups form men and women who are abusive to help them recover from their behaviors. I have completed training to lead the Her Journey classes. I know it will be a benefit to many women. 

Her Journey

A 15-week faith-based, non-denominational weekly class. The class assists women in healing from current or past abusive or controlling relationships. Lessons include topics including Understanding abuse, Boundaries, Depression, Believing in your True Value, Anger, Submission vs Oppression, and more. Classes are free to attendees as they are paid for by donations. We now have local classes in Georgia.


is a faith-based program committed to helping men who have used abusive and controlling behaviors. Our goals are to:

  • help them to be accountable for their behavior

  • recognize and stop all forms of abuse and control

  • change belief systems that support those behaviors

  • understand how they have affected others  

  • learn new non-abusive beliefs and skills to handle conflict 

Fees and homework are required. 



Virtue is a program committed to helping women who have displayed abusive or controlling behaviors, and who may also be victims of abuse. Our goals are to:

  • help her recognize domestic abuse

  • heal from her past abuse

  • stop all forms of abusive behaviors she may be exhibiting 

New tools for handling conflict resolution and appropriate boundary-setting skills are taught. Intake, fees, homework and regular attendance are required. 

You can connect to ARMS at Abuse Recovery Ministry & Services
National Office:
PO Box 663 Hillsboro, OR 97123
503-846-9284 or 866-262-9284

What SOS Does for Families at Risk

SOS provides education and information that adoption agencies and other legal professionals may not explain to you. We will provide detailed facts, explaining possible risks, allowing you to make a truly informed choice.


If you love your baby, but just can’t seem to find a way to overcome the challenges you are facing and feel that relinquishing your baby is your only option, SOS will do everything we can to help. We will listen to you and identify realistic solutions to eliminate those challenges, allowing you to focus on successfully parenting your baby without undue pressure.


With Sisters on the Ground in every state, SOS provides experienced one on one support that focuses on the best interest of the family unit that every family member deserves, especially, the unborn baby who will be born wanting and needing only his or her mother.

When I was an overwhelmed teen mom expecting again I felt I had no choice but to let the two babies go when they were born to someone who could give them what I couldn't. I made a permanent choice that could have been navigated otherwise. My family was very dysfunctional and I could not see how we would all survive it. But we did. Now that I have met the two youngest ones I wish with every fiber of my being I had figured out a way to raise them. That's what SOS is about. Not making a permanent choice for temporary situations. If finances are a problem we find help. If you are being coereced by an agency (all of a sudden you have a new best friend) we can help you break loose. If you need parenting classes, counseling or anything within our reach we will help. If you need someone to hold your hand and walk with you as you navigate your way through, we can do that too. 

Contact Saving Our Sisters
(407) 479-7540
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For over 40 years Christian Families Today has been coaching, counseling, training and equipping men, women and children how to build biblically healthy lives and families. Our purpose, hope and desire is to see everyone operating in loving, peaceful relationships with God, themselves, and others. I personally participated in the counseling for over a year then completed Advanced Discipleship Counseling parts I. II. III & IV. My husband and I attended the Grow in Grace Seminars. I highly reccommend their services for healing and personal growth. 

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Their Living IN Jesus Study and their podcast are excellent resources for you.
Check those out.
       Contact Christian Families Today 
                                              (770) 502-8050
                                       174 Ashley Park Blvd STE 1
                                           Newnan, GA 30263
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Hope Revisited’s mission is to create a safe and stable environment where families, disconnected due to life circumstances, learn to thrive and achieve unification for generations to come.  We will achieve our mission using a three prong approach. Early intervention followed by education sealed with a support system. 
1. We will offer our safe visitation center for family use as soon as visits are ordered, eliminating the need to find a place to have the visits.
2.During visits we will offer resources such as parent aides, planned family activities, bonding activities, and relationship building and strengthening activities.  We will also offer professionally taught classes for the parents separate from their visits with basic life skills like budgeting, resume writing, cooking, parenting, couponing and more. We will work closely with DFCS in an effort to provide customized classes based on the needs of the families we work with.
3.The third prong to our approach is putting support systems in place for families. 
Hope Revisited is using a model that creates, promotes and sustains long term change for families in our community. The model will raise families that are strong, can withstand tribulations and life circumstances that are thrown their way. These changes will affect families for generations to come and make our community a better place to raise families that stay together and support each other even in the toughest of times. (678) 552-9685
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