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Tea Talks

I am so excited about sharing Tea Talks with you! These are going to be so helpful and fun for our community. We will have a themed tea party with a guest sharing their testimony. I have a great number of women on my mind to ask to speak to us. The more broad our stories the more people who may be reached. My story is very full and multi faceted and I guarantee you that the majority of ladies will not be able to identify with all of it though many will identify with one point or another. I want to have these at a local facility until we get our community center. But we will start virtually for now. When you sign up for a Tea Talk you will be able to join in an online workshop centering around our theme. There will be a fee for these virtual events but it will cover you Event Box which will have a themed shirt, essential oil blend and tea party treats. That way you are getting value for your money but we are also raising funds for a physical site and for heart to hearts with those who may need them. 

Our Teas are mainly coming from 

I am an ambassador for Tealightful teas and will received commission from all sales. I did this so that we can get premium products at good prices and you could have the ability to reorder your favorites. The Teas are organic and superbly blended. You can get 10% off of your order at this link  and use code MARGC10 when you order.

Our treats will come from local bakers and our speakers will be those who have an overcoming story to share with you. 

Our Tea Talks will give you a little 'me' time with the girls so that you can refresh yourself and be strengthened. The more we get together the happier we will be . Hey isn't there a kids song about that!?! 





and I believe it is true so sisters, join me at a Tea Talk soon! 


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