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Healthy Hearts

Twelve years ago I was in alot of pain and searching for answers. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which I tried to deny but finally accepted. I was also diagnosed with several types of arthritis including scoliosis, spondylitis, stenosis, herniated discs and 6 other things in my back. I lived on anti inflammatory, steroids and pain medicine. I had every kind of pain injection they supplied. Through all of this I gained alot of weight which set me off into high blood pressure, prediabetes and other conditions. I was in a storm and I was sick and tired. I got fed up with being sick and tired all the time so I started searching for better, natural alternatives. First thing I did was buy a juicer and start juicing. Then I started studying my nutrition and habits. It took awhile but I am off the majority of the meds, I do not have high blood pressure, my sugar is great, I lost alot of weight (still more to go) and I feel so much better. The route I have taken is not what everyone needs but I am going to share it as we go along. One of the best things I have done is increasing my water intake. It is the first and last thing I ingest every day. The next has been eliminating chemicals in my home through the use of essential oils. I use doTerra essential oils for cleaning, health care and beauty needs. I have stopped dumping a box of dye on my hair every month and I am going natural. My diet is not perfect but its better and I know to do much more than I act on, don't we all!

I am building my Pinterest boards with good habits and recipes that I invite you to follow. We will have oil classes and I am looking for a nutritionist to join us on this journey. We have essential oil classes all the time so I can link you up with those or have a one on one wellness consult with you. 

Keep checking on this page for more as time goes along. As I experience new things it will be in our blog!

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