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Fan the flame!


Your life is your creative act of worship. Everything you do points back to your Maker. As a matter of fact, the whole point of you is to point back to God, the One who gave you life, so isn’t it time you get started connecting WHAT you do to WHY you do it?

Isn’t it time to unleash your faith that’s been stuffed into the “Sunday” box so you can let it flow out of you, 24-7, as an expression of who you beYOUtifully are and who God beYOUtifully made you to be?

If you’re saying, “Yes, it’s time!” then I want you to know that a Creative Heart Therapy activity is the perfect answer to helping you do just that.

Think of it as a way that naturally helps you connect God’s Word with your everyday activities, so you can be empowered to push through the daily challenges, overcome the obstacles that threaten to throw you off course, and step forward in victory knowing the truth of who He says you are!

Sisters, I’m passionate about digging into God’s Word, because it’s been a game-changer for me, and I want you to experience this same kind of life transformation too, the kind that’s only possible by getting started in Him. Stop being side-tracked by your defeating thoughts and the enemy’s lies that make you think you’re “less than” or “not good enough.” It’s just not true! 

  • Where are you going to feed your soul?

  • What are the sources you’re relying on to fill your heart and mind?

Whatever pours into you is precisely what pours back out of you. So what have you been filling up on? Is it what you want to be feeding those who look to you for guidance?

If you were to fill in the blank, how would it read?

I AM OOZING … _____________________________________. 

Is it goodness? Virtue? Positivity? Encouragement? Is it what you want to be oozing?

Or is it something you’d rather not?


Layering is a beautiful thing in the world of mixed-media, and it’s a beautiful thing in our human lives too.

If you’re unhappy with the previous layers, guess what? Just add a next layer over top of it, and create something new and beYOUtiful on this masterpiece called your life’s canvas!

Creativity is a big part of our family and there are many ways to express yourself through art. I made a mixed media healing piece as a class assignment while going through some healing. It poured out of me. The layers of paint and styling of the background was groundbreaking. When I started adding the charms to the hair (you will need to watch the upcoming video to understand what I mean) I was able to say a prayer of thankfulness over each incident they represented because I gave them over to God. When I finger painted the initials in the golden sky I dedicated each person and relationship to the Lord with thankfulness for having them in my life. It is not a masterpiece of art to the world but it is to me. And I have another of healing words working itself out in my head right now. 

You can doodle, you can discover crafts and make things for charities, you can sing in a choir, journal in your Bible, make cards or bake goodies for friends. It all counts. Whatever gifts and talents you have been given are to be shared. They can help you love on yourself, tell a story, love on someone else, work off stress. Take a chance on yourself. Look at our Caring Hearts page - there are alot of charities you can volunteer your creative talents for. Look at the event pages for some workshops on various mediums. Check out the Pinterest Boards for ideas to express yourself and love on others. 

Connection is key. Let’s get stARTed connecting the dots, making sense of life, and seeing it as a beYOUtiful new creation!

  • Bring an awareness and intention to living your life.

  • Grow in mindfulness.

  • Begin to see God in the details, because He’s there, Sisters. We probably just haven’t slowed down enough to notice. 

  • Fan your creative spark and begin to feel alive again!

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