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Who are you?
What do you believe in?
Why do you react the way you do?
What holds you together when it looks like things are falling apart?
We all question who we are and what is the meaning of life from time to time. I know I have and I have a firm foundation in Christ. It is important to know what you believe, WHO you believe in. We read in the Bible all the wonderful and mighty things God is but who is He to you?
Who is God?
 Whenever anyone would call Him father I would cringe, my own father left a bad felling that did not need to be repeated. In my life school was a refuge so it comforted me to think of God as my great teacher. And He was a very good one. But now that I understand how my flesh patterns and experiences tainted the role of a father I can let go of that and I am comforted to know my Heavenly Father watches out for me as a good father will for his children. 
What is my identity in Christ?
I've know most of my life how a good christian should be and most of the time I spent alot of time trying to conform myself into a good Christian woman. It was exhausting! Now I know that it is His job to transform me into His likeness the pressure is off of me! I don't get irritated serving Him or others - I GET to serve! Now that I understand who I am in Christ and who the Holy Spirit is in me I can rest and enjoy the journey!
Emotional Breakthrough
I used to think emotions were weakness and where I grew up you did not survive if there was any weakness in you so I became hard and jaded. When emotions took over and I had not choice but to deal with them I have learned that they are a signal of something I need to deal with in one way or another. Sometimes its forgiveness, sometimes its anger, sometimes its neglect or anxiety but I can read the clues and deal with it. 
Flesh Patterns
As I tried to live a good Christian life I would fail over and over. Lots of times I would think about quitting and a few times I tried. But now I know that the patterns of behavior in my brain has to be retrained for the right thoughts and actions. It takes time but its well worth it. 
Are you surrendered?
I am not as hard on myself or others since I have surrendered to God. I hope the next few resources will be helpful to you as you navigate your own journeys.  
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