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An Altar of Gratitude

Today's coaching focus is on gratitude. I know you hear it a lot especially in November but it really is true. An attitude of gratitude will carry you through a lot more than you can imagine. When we start looking at the things we have and have made it through with the attitude of gratitude instead of looking on them with hardship and bitterness then we can learn from it and move on.

I am not a glass half full or half empty person. My belief is that the glass can always be refilled. You just have to connect with God and the encouraging people He has placed in your life. They are definitely there but sometimes you have to clear away some debris to get to them. Once we start looking for our blessings you will be amazed at how they multiply.

A good practice is to journal your gratitude. You can use a jar with slips of paper, an actual gratitude journal or do like I do- I have this deluxe Prayful planner and I record my gratitude and prayers in it along with my study notes and daily activities. Once you have your blessings recorded somewhere that becomes an altar or a remembrance of what God has already done so you can look back on it when needed. Building altars of stones was a common Bible practice. Why don't you let it become one of your favorite practices too?

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